Finding Purpose -- The Forward

Shortly after I became a Brain Injury Survivor this book started being written
in my mind. So many people who know what I have been through said that I should write a book. I want to thank them all for encouraging me to write it. I hope that someone can gain something by reading it. No matter how hopeless your situation may seem at this time “NEVER GIVE UP.” It’s amazing how something good can come out of something so bad. I hope that this book can benefit Brain Injury Survivors, their friends and families, as well as the professionals who work with Brain Injury Survivors. All events mentioned in this book are to the best of my recollection. It is not my intent to offend anyone, so I apologize if I do. If I seem to ramble from topic to topic, it is because that is the way us Brain Injury Survivors think. I intentionally and accidentally repeat things so that Brain Injury Survivors can follow along better.This may seem repetitious to those of you who are “able minded.” This book is written in short segments so Brain Injury Survivors can easily follow along. Writing this book was my 2005 Halloween resolution. I made a Halloween resolution because New Year’s resolutions seldom work. I became so busy during the summer of 2006 that I had to stop writing.I started writing again as my Thanksgiving resolution of 2006. I finished it 3 1/2 years later in April of 2009. Writing this book was good therapy for my impending mid-life crisis.

It helped me to realize what I have accomplished in my forty plus years of life, particularly in those years of my post brain injury life. Writing this book was a challenge for me. It was challenging because I could not always remember what I had written just minutes before. If I repeat myself in this book, well, that is what us Brain Injury Survivors do. I apologize to you able minded people for this. If this book is not grammatically correct, I apologize to my high school and college English instructors– Mr. Hansen and Mr. Peeders. I thought of having someone correct my grammatical errors, but I decided not to. This way it will appear as though I am telling you my story in person. I had thought of having someone help me to organize this book as well. I decided not to. Again, since it may ramble from topic to topic, it will seem as though I am telling you my story in person. This book was written from notes that I jotted during my 25 years of being a Brain Injury Survivor. Organizing them was difficult. The following is my best attempt at it.

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